ASIS Women in Security – Region 4B

ASIS Women in Security

Networking, mentoring, and leadership development


Networking, mentoring, and leadership development

“Our group provides a platform for women to accelerate their career path with the help of seasoned leaders. At the core, we seek to grow ASIS International’s global membership by encouraging the next generation of women into the industry.”

-Gail M. Essen, CPP, PSP // Enerprise Security, Siemens // Women in Security

“Women in Security advocates for the advancement of women in the security industry, as well as for increased membership, participation, and leadership of women in ASIS International.” – Lisa J. Dolan, CPP

2018 Board Members for Region 4B Women in Security (WIS)

RVP – Anita Jelley

WIS Regional – Lisa Dolan, CPP

WIS Chair Denise Martin, CPP


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