ASIS Chapter #119 Monthly Meeting- Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018

ASIS Chapter #119 Monthly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, Oct 16th 2018

Time:11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: Golden Corral

Address: 6129 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC

Our guest speaker this month will be Joshua Creighton, Deputy Director, Wake County Government Fire Services Department/ Emergency Management Division.

Josh has been in public safety since 1992 and began working with Wake County in 1998 starting as a paramedic with Emergency Medical Services. Since that time, he has also served as the Harris Nuclear Plant Planner, Homeland Security Advisor, All Hazards Planner, Deputy Director of Emergency Management, Director of Emergency Management and Deputy Director of Fire Services.

Josh has led Wake County Emergency Management since 2008. Wake County is home of the State Capital, the County Seat and twelve municipalities and RDU International Airport. For the past several years, Wake County has consistently been one of the ten fastest growing communities in the country with a day time population exceeding one million.

During his time with the County, Josh has gained extensive experience in scores of incidents both large and small including the EQ chemical incident in Apex, the ConAgra Plant explosion, numerous natural events including flooding, tornados, hurricanes and other types of events.

Mr. Creighton has participated on, and still serves on, local, regional, state and national committees relating to Emergency Management and Homeland Security. In addition to these domestic committees, Mr. Creighton has traveled internationally and provided expertise as a consultant to the United Nations.

Presentation: Josh will be presenting on Wake County Emergency Management’ portfolio and the activities they engage in to make various programs work.

We hope to see everyone on the 16th.