Tuesday Monthly Meeting Announcement

Greetings fellow ASIS Members and professionals. Our next meeting will feature Keith Davis. Keith will presenting on the topic of “Terrorism In Our Backyard; Learn How Out Country & Constitution are Under Attack by ISI, et al.”

Keith Davis is a retired Army Intelligence Warrant Officer (CW4) with over 29 years experience in the intelligence field. He began studying the Quran while in Bosnia in 1999, his first of nine deployments. From December 2001 to November 2012, he spent three and a half years in Afghanistan over six deployments. In 2007, Keith began expanding his understanding about the Islamic Scriptures, which groups like Al Qaida, ISIS, HAMAS, Boko Haram, and other extremist groups use to justify their actions. Keith currently works as an intelligence analyst at US Army Forces Command on Fort Bragg, where he provides daily intelligence for the command and regular special briefings explaining the important role 1,400 year old documents still play in today’s political and military battlefields.

On March 15th, Keith will share how Sharia Law stands in direct contradiction to the US Constitution and how ISIS and others use Sharia Law to justify their horrific attacks in the US and across the globe. He will discuss some ways to identify the radicalization process and helpful tips for security professionals.

I expect we will be at capacity for this one, please send me your RSVPs by COB Monday, March 7, 2016. (Visit the event section in order to complete the registration and RSVP. )

Steve Vasques

ASIS Chapter 119 Chairman