We will be having our next meeting at the PNC Arena on Tuesday February 18th from 1130 to 100.  We have an great presentation for you about Biometrics from Mike Mewhinney.

Biometrics is the physiological and/or behavioral characteristics of a human being.  Most people are familiar with bio­metrics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, DNA matches, and iris scans.  Many of today’s television programs and blockbuster movies use biometrics as part of a high tech plot.  Whether it’s NCIS, CSI, or the new iPhone, biometrics tech­nology can be found in many aspects of daily life.  The ability to capture, match, and analyze biomet­rics has become a critical capability in our nation’s military.  Come to the RTP ASIS Chapter meeting on 18 February 2014 to hear more about Biometrics Capabilities used in industry and DOD today from Mike Mewhinney.

Mike Mewhinney has 29 years of national and international law enforcement and security experience combined with over 22 years of military service. Mike Mewhinney has a solid background in law enforcement operations, criminal investigations, administrative/personnel security, anti-terrorism, physical security and emergency management. He is a Certified Homeland Protection Professional.

Mike Mewhinney is a Training and Equipment Analyst/ Integrator and supports US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) with Biometrics, Attack the Network, Forensics and Exploitation in their Home Station Training Program for US Soldiers.  FORSCOM is the Army’s largest command and consists of over 750,000 Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers.

We hope to see everyone there!