ASIS Annual Membership Renewal

ASIS has an implemented a telemarketing campaign for membership renewal through the help of a third party. Our Regional VP, Pat King has inquired with ASIS HQ and confirmed that this method is valid, despite early concerns from members. Please read below.

A member who had not yet renewed his ASIS membership for 2017 received a phone call this week from a woman claiming to be from ASIS HQ. The woman knew his name, address, ASIS member number as well as the fact that he had not yet renewed his membership. She pushed him to renew over the phone using a credit card. He became suspicious and hung up on her. The concern was that ASIS HQ does not typically call members over the phone and request credit card information.

Again, ASIS has relayed to our Regional VP, that this is NOT a scam. ASIS is running a telemarketing campaign through a third party as part of the annual membership renewal campaign and has done so for the past several years.

However, if you receive a phone call and are not comfortable giving your information over the phone, you can still renew your membership by mail or online at

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.