2013 Annual LEA Banquet

Our Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet will be held on Tuesday December 17, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm.  As always it is sure to be a great event.  Our guest speaker will be Gregory K. Baker.    

Gregory K. Baker is the Commissioner of Law Enforcement for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.  As Commissioner, he has oversight responsibilities for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Emergency Management, Alcohol Law Enforcement and Capital Police Department. Prior to this appointment by the Governor, he served as the Director of Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) overseeing the enforcement and regulatory responsibilities of the state’s $6 billion ABC industry. 

Prior to his appointment as Director of ALE, Greg served over 27 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Greg served in many capacities with the FBI to include managing the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Programs at both the national and the field office level. He also has significant experience within the FBI’s Violent Crime, Organized Crime/Drug, Cyber Crime, White Collar Crime, Counter Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Programs as both a manager and/or investigator. 

From 2008 until his retirement in April of 2013, he was assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crime and Intelligence Programs as the FBI’s InfraGard Coordinator for the state of North Carolina. InfraGard is a Public Sector/Private Sector Partnership organization established to facilitate dialog between the two sectors on matters of mutual interest. InfraGard membership is comprised of private industry security specialists, law enforcement, military and public sector IT security specialists. As the FBI’s liaison to private industry, he consulted with private industry executives,  IT and Physical security professionals on matters concerning IT Threats, Physical Security Threats, Theft of Intellectual Assets, Industrial Espionage, and the Counter Terrorism – Counter Intelligence Threat Landscape. In 2010, the North Carolina InfraGard Membership was recognized with the distinction of being the largest InfraGard membership in the United States.